Can’t Hold My Lacquer


Blue Lacquer. It sounds, maybe, like a design trend from some 80’s more is more is more interior design fever dream. The reality? It’s a sophisticated, bold masterstroke. Instant low-key grandeur. Fresh but not trendy, daring and classic at once. It especially seams to work well with built-ins.  I think I’d use it in a home library or office, somewhere with books, a quiet room to get lost in. It gives a room instant history and mystery, and in some hues can work as a neutral, while still giving imparting visual interest. Some of these examples may not technically be lacquer  – instead they’re just high-gloss paint – but it’s the lacquered effect they were going for and which they achieved.



Going Green


White cabinets. For years, it’s all you saw in magazines, HGTV, and popular home blogs. Studies were done that showed white cabinets were the most desired by home buyers. House flippers and mass-appeal designers were steadfast in their devotion to all white kitchens. Prior to that, it had been all dark woods. Super dark. Unnaturally dark. And before that, light wood, maybe a honeyed oak with lots of wood grain. Lately it’s all about painting cabinets in shades of grey. But isn’t it more fun to have an edge, to be an original?

In October 2013, Cameron Diaz’s Chelsea, Manhattan apartment  (pictured below, with the gold backsplash) was featured in a design magazine. Her kitchen was a revelation, bucking the trends, she chose dark, emerald green cabinets. I knew someday I’d like to design a home with a green kitchen, perhaps even for me. In the years since, I’ve found more examples of design forward homeowners taking a gamble on green and winning big every time. It’s distinctive, classy, bold, original, and grown-up. If all green cabinets feels like overload, consider painting just the base of the kitchen island. You could have an Emerald Isle of your very own.